You can specift the result type with a “result-type” tag inside the result.

   <sql>select ... </sql>

The currently available result types are

  • table / dbwqltable Will display the result as a table. This is the default type.
  • code Will display the result as a code block.
  • command Will display an OK dialog if the statement succeeds.
  • graphical Will display various charts (see below for details).
  • text Will display the result as text.
  • xml Will attempt to format and display the result as xml.

The graphical type

When specifying the graphical type there must also be a graphical tag inside the result.

   <sql>select ... </sql>

This graphical tag then again contains the various chart specifications.

The currently supported charts are:

Tags that are common to all charts are:


The title.

   <title>Some title</title>


Specifies details about the legend.
Contains an optional “side” specification, that specifies where the legend should be placed. Legal values are BOTTOM (default), LEFT, RIGHT, TOP
Contains an options “cols” specification that forces the number of columns in the legend.



Specifices an ordering and maximun number of rows for the resultset.

      <column>A column name</column>


Can specify css for the chart.

For details of valid css referer to the JavaFX documentation, f.ex: JavaFX css tutorial

		.default-color0.chart-area-symbol { -fx-background-color: #3e69a6, #233c5f; }
		.default-color1.chart-area-symbol { -fx-background-color: #66c859, #296321; }
		.default-color2.chart-area-symbol { -fx-background-color: #e6e6e6, #3f3f3f; }
		.default-color0.chart-series-area-line { -fx-stroke: #233c5f; }
		.default-color1.chart-series-area-line { -fx-stroke: #296321; }
		.default-color2.chart-series-area-line { -fx-stroke: #3f3f3f; }
		.default-color0.chart-series-area-fill { -fx-fill: #3e69a6; }
		.default-color1.chart-series-area-fill { -fx-fill: #66c859; }
		.default-color2.chart-series-area-fill { -fx-fill: #e6e6e6; }

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