Control Center Jobs Description
DBMS uptime Collects uptime statistics in the database.
MySQL aborted connects Checking if there is many aborted connects
MySQL max connections Checking if the system is near maximum connections
MySQL mysqld process Checking if mysqld process is running
Database growth rate Collects database size and visualizes the growth rate of the server.
Database growth rate Collects detailed growth rate information.
NDB data memory usage check NDB data memory usage check
NDB data node status NDB data node status
Innodb cluster status This job checks state of all members in Innodb cluster
Innodb cluster switch This job checks if Innodb cluster PRIMARY/SECONDARY switch occurs.
Replica count This job checks all of replicas currently registered with the source.
Replica delay This job checks how “late” the replica is, and measures the time difference in seconds between the replication SQL (applier) thread and the replication I/O (receiver) thread.
Replica state This job checks if replica changes occurs. For example, if an instance becomes a replica or if an instance is no longer a replica.
Binlog cache check Binlog cache performance check
Innodb buffer pool check Checks the hit rate of the innodb buffer pool
Key buffer check Checks key buffer efficiency
Database load Provides information on the server load
Lock statistics Collects lock statistics
Memory setup Analyzes the memory setup of the server
Network traffic Shows the network traffic
Query cache hitrate Shows the query cache hit rate
Session load Shows connection statistics
Thread cache hitrate Shows the thread cache hit rate
Temporary table check Shows percentage of temporary tables written to disk


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