Before resetting your admin account, you must be familiar with your working directory. By default, dbWatch Control Center will create a directory in C:\ProgramData\dbWatchControlCenter .If you are not sure, you can open the dbWatch Logo or go to Help > About dbWatch. Another note is you need to also be familiar with your dbWatch Service Name. Make sure you accomplish those things before attempting to do soft reset your dbWatch Control Center.


Resetting admin account

The first thing to do is to close your running dbWatch application. Either exit your application or click on “X”. Afterwards, open “Services” by searching it in your search bar. Stop the dbWatch Control Center Service for the time being. We need this step in order to successfully make alterations to dbWatch’s files.


Once the dbWatch Service has stopped, go to C:\ProgramData\dbWatchControlCenter\config . Find the folder domain and delete it.


After that, start the dbWatch service and open the dbWatch Control Center monitor. All previous domain information should be reset and you will be redirected back to the installation stage:


Input your new credentials as seen here:


You’re all set.

Why would I delete that folder? Won’t it cause bugs when running the application?

Before I answer that, we need to look at the contents of dbWatch Control Center’s domain folder:


The domain folder consists of information pertaining to your current dbWatch domain. The most important file when logging in to dbWatch is authentication.xml . The great thing about dbWatch Control Center is that it recreates the file once the application is restarted and it detects a missing file. It sounds logical to only delete the file authentication.xml however, you will be left with a blank credential wherein it’s borderline useless circling back to the initial problem. Another option can be recreating it from the previous file, but that will defeat the purpose since we need to start fresh. So deleting the domain folder is the surest way of soft resetting dbWatch domain without incurring major bugs in the process.

Will soft resetting dbWatch remove all my installed instances?

No. Once the domain folder is recreated. The old instances installed won’t be remove:


However, when you open the instance, it will be stuck in a not monitored phase. In order to restore it to its former state, you have to do the following:

  1. Right Click on the instance and open “Configure Instance”
  2. On the General tab, change the service level from blank to one of the choices. For free evaluation, standard should be the appropriate service level.
  3. Switch over to the Authentication tab.
  4. Click on “Add” and select “SQL”. This will create a form where you can input the SQL Authentication for that instance.
  5. Input the instance user and password. Then, click on the appropriate boxes as seen in the image:
  6. Once done, exit the application and restart your dbWatch Service.
  7. Login with your new credentials and you will see that the the instance is re-installed to its previous state:


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