Name: Backup log Check 9i (‘old style’ backups)
Platform: Oracle
Category: Availability
Description: Checks for errors in a log file (e.i. backup log). For backups not using RMAN.
Long description: Checks for errors in a log file (e.i. backup log). For backups not using RMAN, but using a script that uses ‘alter tablespace xx backup;’ and creates a log file. (Oracle 9i only).
Version: 2.5
Default schedule: 15 5 * *
Requires engine install: Yes
Compatibility tag: [CDATA[.[type=‘instance’ & databasetype=‘oracle’]/.[hasengine=‘YES’ & version like ’9%’ & _priv_read_dba_directories = ‘1’
Name Default value Description
backup log name backup.log The name of the backup log file.
backup log path null The path name of the backup log file which is used to create directory object.
backup log directory name DBW_BACKUP_DIR The name of the directory object created with the DDL – “create directory”.
backup log error text ORA- Defines which strings (errors) the Check must look for. Values for this parameter must be
backup log line HWM 0 Each time the Check read the backup log, it registers how many rows have been checked.
backup log max lines 200000 If the backup log has more lines than the value of this parameter, then the Check terminates
backup log max elapsed time 60 Define the maximum running time the Check can execute (values are in seconds). If the execution ‘
backup log error text allowed null Specifies the error strings which are excluded.
backup log confirm text successful The Check loop throughout the log file, searching for a “confirm” text. If the Check do not find at least
backup log date format dd-mm-yyyy hh24:mi If a value is assigned to the parameter backup log date position, you have to specify the date-format
backup log date position backup finished If the log-file has a date/time stamp in it, you can have the Check to check how
backup log nls lang English Defines handling of language-specific date-format used by the dbwatch parameter “backup log date format”.
backup log expire time 24 You can specify how old the log-file is allowed to be before the Check returns the

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