Name: Internal fragmentation check
Platform: Sqlserver
Category: Maintenance
Description: Checks the internal fragmentation for tables and indexes in all databases. The information is extracted from the dynamic management function (view) sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats.
Long description: Internal fragmentation occurs when there is too much free space in the index or table pages. Typically, some free space is desirable, especially when the index is created or rebuilt. You can specify the Fill Factor setting when the index is created or rebuilt to indicate a percentage of how full the index pages are when created. If the pages are too fragmented, it will cause queries to take longer (because of the extra reads required to find the data set) and cause your indexes to grow larger than necessary. If no space is available in the index data pages, data changes (primarily inserts) will cause page splits, which also require additional system resources to perform.
Version: 2
Default schedule: 30 6 * *
Requires engine install: Yes
Compatibility tag: [CDATA[.[type=‘instance’ & databasetype=‘sqlserver’]/instance[maj_version > ‘2000’ & hasengine=‘YES’ & eng_inst_priv = 0 & (engine_edition = ‘Microsoft SQL Server’ | engine_edition = ‘Azure SQL Managed Instance’)


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