Functions in FDL

Numeric functions

Function name Description
add Adds a number to a base value
sub Substracts a number from a base value
div Diveds a number
mult Multiplies a number
abs Returns the absolute value of a number
until Return all numbers from a base number until an end number
round Rounds a number to a specified precision

Aggregate functions

Function name Description
groupby Groups a set on some value(s)
count Counts the number of rows
sum Sums all values in a set
avg Computes the average of set
max Finds the max value in a set
min Finds the minimum value in a set
orderby Orders a set

String functions

Function name Description
upper Converts a string to uppercase
lower Converts a string to lowercase
trim Strips empty spaces from the beginning and end of a string
concat Concats a number of strings
capitalize Capitalizes a string
mkstring Makes a string from a set
nicedb Convert databasetype to nice string
replace Replaces all occurences of string A with string B in a string C

Set functions

Function name Description
distinct Removes duplicates from a set of values
union The union of two sets
intersect The intersection of two sets
difference The difference of two sets

Generic functions

Function name Description
todate Converts a value to datestring


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