Control Center Jobs Description
Archive status Checking pg_stat_archiver for archiving errors
Autovacuum freeze Checks for transactions vs auto vacuum freeze max age
Backup check – pg_dump Checks that there exists an up to date backup file.
Backup check – pg_dump (ssh) Checks that there exists an up-to-date backup file.
Backup check – WAL Checks that the WAL files have been backed up.
DBMS uptime Collects database uptime statistics.
Max connections Comparing max_connections setting with current number of connections, warning and alarm is given when count+threshold is greater than setting.
Database growth rate and info Collects detailed growth rate information.
Log size statistics Checks the size of the log file.
Schema growth and information Collects detailed schema growth rate information.
Session load Gathers session load statistics.
Tablespace growth and information Shows an overview of tablespace growth and statistics.
Test DML performance Runs performance test. Procedure executes SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and TRUNCATE statements on schema test tables.
Vacuum check Checks if vacuum has been performed recently.
Replication delay alert Checking the slave instance for replication delay
Analyze job Run analyze of the database.
Backup job – pg_dump_all (ssh) Runs a backup of all the postgres databases on an instance using pg_dumpall through an ssh connection.
Vacuum job Run vacuum of the database.
Analyze check Checks if analyze has been performed recently.
Commit ratio Checks for database commit ratio
Disk block hitrate Checks the hit rate for disk block requests.
Index block hitrate Checks the hit rate for index disk block requests.
Locks held and statistics Shows locks held statistics.
Table and index bloat Checks for table and index bloat
Table and index scan statistics This task gathers scan statistics on tables and indexes from pg_stat_all_tables view.
Table and index statistics Gathers information on table and index usage in the database and generates statistics.
Transaction statistics Gathers information on commits and rollbacks in the databases and generates statistics.

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