dbWatch 11 and 12 uses JAVA RMI with SSL for network communication, and the JAVA RMI Registry functionality will create a problem when connecting from the monitor client to the server, when the IP address of the actual dbWatch server host is different from the IP address used in dbWatch Monitor to connect. The problem is that JAVA RMI Registry, which is a function of the RMI protocol, will send the client the wrong IP address (that which is used locally to the server) back to the client, and the client will stop connecting through the ip specified by the client.

The fix/workaround for this is setting an environment variable on the dbWatch Server to a specified hostname, and if needed configure the local hostname file to point to the correct IP address.

To set the variable, right click on the “This PC” icon in File Explorer, and choose “Properties”
Then click on “Advanced system settings” and then “Environment Variables”. Click “New” to add a new system variable.

The variable name is JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS and the variable value is:
-Djava.rmi.server.hostname=dbwatchhost -Djava.rmi.server.useLocalHostname=true

Where “dbwatchhost” is the hostname you want to use to connect. You should restart the server that runs dbWatch Server to make sure this setting is used.

Then an ip address for dbwatchhost can be specified in the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hostname file on Windows or /etc/hostname file on Linux/Unix to point to the ip address you want to use when connecting to the dbWatch Server.

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